Soeben retour…

… aus Wien…
Zentralfriedhof, Jüdische Abteilung
In der Albertina
Carl Schindler, Der alte Flurhüter
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, Wiedererstehen zu neuem Leben

… und einem Ausflug nach Bratislava…

Noch ein Genre-Bild aus dem Biedermeier?
Der Mann ist wenigstens berühmt!
Das Naturhistorische, später Nachmittag

Just back from…

View from Hungerford footbridge
After the great anti-Brexit demonstration, 20 October; about 700,000 took part, it was reported. We only saw the fag end when we came from the theatre.

Trafalgar Square
Thames Barrier, Woolwich
Westminster Bridge, County Hall, London Eye
Hampton Court
The gardens

On the way to Hampton Court railway station
Harrow – public school boys practising for the Remembrance Sunday ceremony. Please note the assault rifles (they seemed to be real)!
Cambridge Circus, seen from the 1st floor of a pub…
Nice pint!
Leicester Square, 10 November. Isn’t that a bit early?
The City by night…
… and St. Paul’s, seen from the South Bank.

Just back from…

… a trip to Yorkshire with the AustroBrits

York – the Minster
Yorkshire Moors
Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz? (The hired car I was driving)
Bingley Five-Rise Locks
Haworth Parsonage – the Bronte Museum (
Harrogate – Royal Baths
Thanks to Reinhold for the pics!