H. W. Valerian Porträt

H. W. Valerian is a pen name. I was born around 1950 and have been living and working in or near Innsbruck, Austria for most of my life.

I did English and American studies at Innsbruck University, together with a course in German Lit.

For 35 years I was teaching at one of our unique Technical Colleges and later, also at a University for Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule). And when I say teaching, I really mean teaching – always at the chalkface.

Ever since I graduated from university, I have also been working as a part-time freelance writer and journalist, working for a variety of newspapers, magazines and journals, and at some time even for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.

I’ve had a lifelong interest in the English language as well as the history, literature, thought and everyday culture of the English speaking world. I’m proud to say that I have managed to pursue these interests tenaciously throughout my working life.

Now, having retired, I’m glad to take an active part in the Austro-British Society Tyrol.

Most of my writing is in German, of course; but for those who are interested – here’s a taste:

Waterloo Sunset

When the Gun Is Mightier Than God