Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry 1957.jpg
Chuck Berry 1957 (Universal Attractions, from: Wikimedia)

Oh dear – another one. Just read the news that Chuck Berry has died, aged 90.

What a great artist! Troubled history, true, but his music! He made Rhythm & Blues popular, didn’t he? The father of Rock’n’Roll.

And, of course, of the duck walk!

How many of his songs have become all-time greats? You don’t have to think hard: Roll Over Beethoven; Rock and Roll Music; Johnny B. Goode; Sweet Little Sixteen; Maybellene; Carol; Little Queenie; Mephis, Tennessee; School Days… You name them.

My favourite’s always been You Never Can Tell. If you can sit still through this song, you’re dead.

I once heard it performed live by Bill Wyman and the combo he had put togther after leaving the Rolling Stones. And this reminds us – what would the Stones have been without Chuck Berry? And the Beatles?

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